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How Cool is "Cool Food?"

Last week, we reported on Ketchup, the Dolce Group's newest restaurant in the Sunset Millennium complex, which should open any day now. We heard the menu described as having "cool food?it's just? cool." Who knew what that meant? Apparently, Saturday Night Live writers.

We can't find a clip on NBC or YouTube (because NBC doesn't allow it), but a sketch this past Saturday shows a couple at one of the hottest new restaurants in town, where they're told the food is "cool." They order spaghetti and meatballs and chicken parmesan, and aren't that impressed. "What's so cool about this," Jake Gyllenhaal's character asks. The meatballs, wearing shades and Mickey Mouse-like shoes, start dancing. It's kinda funny. The punch line was that the couple should "do less mushrooms" when they go out to restaurants. Lame joke, but it did make us wonder: Is there a connection between "cool food" and psychedelics that we should know about?
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