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Du-Par's Media Blitz

From zilf's Flickr stream

If you really really missed Du-Par's at the Farmers Market, and the news that's it finally reopened has you all in a tizzy, go before Monday, Jan. 22, when the restaurant has invited all media in for a "grand opening" look-see. They're expecting camera crews, people.

· Come into the kitchen and watch our chefs flip some pancakes!
· View the 1930s black safe protecting the famous pancake recipe.
· See customers enjoying breakfast favorites and relaxing in 30s-style red
vinyl booths.
You know the drill: If you want to be on camera, look extra scruffy that morning. If you've been jonesin' for some pancakes, expect long lines for the diner food, even if it's prepared by celebrity chefs, for the next six weeks.
· Well There's the Problem [LA Observed]