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All' Angelo's First Night

All' Angelo, the new venture from Stefano Ongaro with chef Mirko Pederno in the kitchen, opens its doors to the public tomorrow, but reports of the first friends-and-family night are trickling in. One reader shares:

"Room looks really nice in all shades of golds, blond woods, pleasant modern lighting, yet the noisiest room since Angelini!!! Cannot imagine the tripe dish lasting very long on the menu, yet the sausage was truly wonderful with a softer than usual texture with an oh so perfect blend of flavors that each sang in its own way. Truly wonderful. The osso bucco bone marrow over polenta dish missed completely. Will be interesting to see how it shakes out in the highly competitive marketplace called upper-middle priced Italian restaurants in the greater westside. Former employees from everywhere from Ago to Enoteca, Valentino to Dolce. Good staff."
Another guinea pig guest dishes it up on Chowhound.
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