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Eater Headhunter: Work for a "Celebrity Chef"

We love the Craigslist posters who write eye-catching headlines. In LA, it's simple: Mention "celebrity," even in the restaurant world, and expect instant response. Here, we have a listing for front and back of the house management at some celebrity chef's restaurant. But which one?:

LA is really happening!!
Celebrity Chefs from all over the country are moving in.
-Gordon Ramsey, acclaimed British Chef is opening soon
-Mario Battali is open in LA and will be opening up the fine dining side of his Mozza restaurant
-Tom Coliccio of Craft opening up in Century City soon.

Please submit your resume for a James Beard award winning chef opening in LA soon.
-Fine Dining
-High Volume
-Creative, Rustic, New American Cusisine


Which chef is it? Door #1? Curtain #3? We'll guess "none of the above," and here's why: Not one name is spelled correctly. But props to the poster for luring unsuspecting star-fuckers into the fray.

We can safely assume it's not Mario Batali because the Mozza crew doesn't use shiny things to attract attention. A listing simply titled "Restaurant" announces that the "upcoming Batali / Silverton project" Osteria Mozza is accepting resumes for all positions including management. Where do you think the better staff will land?

On a Side note: This must mean that Osteria Mozza is close to opening. Let the countdown officially begin!
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