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Adventures in Public Relations: Who the Hell is Terrance?

Press releases for restaurants, chefs, new menus, holiday specials, and just about every other restaurant-related topic flood our inbox. We find this service helpful for a number of reasons; we even like many publicists. But a good editor learns to cut through the PR crap. Occasionally that crap is too thick--even worse, it's misspelled--so we feel a need to call them on it. It's our duty. Therefore we give you Eater LA's first Adventures in Public Relations. Consider yourselves on notice.

While the following isn't for the restaurant at hand, it is for a media client looking to gain street cred for its restaurant coverage:

"This week LX.TV put together a feature segment together looking inside the The Terrance at Sunset Tower Hotel. I was hoping to see if you would be interested in utilizing this piece and expanding the platform for your readers. Take a look at this segment and let me know what you think. Inside The Terrance."
We're first to admit: We make typos. We're fast typists and get easily excited about a good story or hot tip. But in general, there's one thing every PR professional should learn before approaching the lion's den of editors: Proofread. Because this publicist called The Terrace at the Sunset Tower Hotel The Terrance not once, not twice, but thrice, we're ignoring the video clip on principal alone.

UPDATE: We caught a little flack for this one; naturally someone's head would roll. And his name ain't Terrance. But we'll reiterate that the email was not for the restaurant and did not come from The Terrace or Sunset Tower's PR firm, and the restaurant was not misspelled on the LX.TV website. We imagine the poor kid who wrote us the email was just trying to make good by his boss; then again, his boss should've been proofreading. Ok, ok, that's all we'll say...
· The Terrace in the Sunset Tower Hotel [LX.TV]