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Top Chef Semi-Spoiler: Ilan Hall Quits Job

We Angelenos have little incentive to watch Top Chef since local chef Betty was cut, and the last episodes were taped in Hawaii (LA was the true star). But hell, we've invested this much time in it so far, so a bit of news. Word comes from New York that Ilan Hall left his chef post at Casa Mono as of today, the day the first of two final episodes air. Tonight we'll find the four finalists on the Big Island, and two will fall. Next week the final final airs. Although this was all taped in November, Ilan's sudden departure can mean one of two things: (1) He's the $100,000 winner, which would shock many, or (2) he did something more horrible than Cliff, and he wants to save face before it airs. Place your bets now, people.
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