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Week in Reviews: Minx, Madam Chocolat, and Ethnic Eats from Burbank to Lomita

Even Miss Irene knows valley denizens need a Hollywood-esque place to call their own. She finds the sail-bedecked Minx "sprinkled in stardust" a la Republic, and really, that's just not her scene:

If you come for dinner as opposed to lounging, you may go away as disgruntled as the occasional Rusty Pelican customer who wanders in and wonders what on Earth has happened to the old place.

?not unlike its counterparts in the trendier parts of town, the food is not primarily the focus. The owners aren't really running a restaurant here. It's the club that makes the money, and the restaurant feels like an afterthought. Despite the PR build-up that's been lavished on chef Antonishek, dinner is not the draw here. It's more part of the décor.

Her half a star rating won't keep the overly dressed clubgoers packing the place on the weekends, so as long as the owners keep those booze prices high, they have little to worry about.

Elsewhere, Linda Burum checks out the Hunduran El Katracho; meets haute chocolatier Madam Chocolat; Gridskipper skips to Zip Fusion Sushi downtown; Potatomato munches through The Kitchen, hipster favorite Fred 62, and Lomita's Gaja Moc; and Chubbypanda wanders into Roscoe's in Long Beach.