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Plywood Special Edition: La Grande Orange Station Cafe

Keeping with the old-is-good theme today, here we have the first look at La Grande Orange Station Cafe, which opens in Pasadena's historic Del Mar Train Depot in April. We took a little spin through the property yesterday and love the space, but we like history. Originally built in 1935, the depot was moved to Central Park so construction of the Archstone Apartments, Gold Line, and underground parking garage could take place; then it was moved back and fully restored. We're told the terminal was used by stars like Clark Gable, Graucho Marx, Will Rogers, and Spencer Tracy who found Union Station too hectic. Many original details were kept intact, like the 30-foot, wood-beam ceilings, the marble counters, light fixtures, imported tiles, and cement floors. There are three patios, one which sits right on the Metro tracks (oh yes, there will be bell ringing), and one with a fireplace in the front. Food will be of the seasonal Euro-Cal cafe variety for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Bob Lynn and LGO Hospitality are the owners; they have three different restaurants and a grocery in Phoenix (press materials tout their choice of gentrifying neighborhoods and historic buildings). This is the group's first venture in LA, but definitely not the last: Plans to open another restaurant at the corner of Main Street and Bicknell in Santa Monica are in place.

The renovated front facade faces Pasadena's Central Park.

A chalk outline for the proposed patio wine bar.

The outdoor space between the depot building and the new housing complex will be filled with restaurant tables, right next to the Gold Line Del Mar stop.