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ColicchioWatch '07: Craft Opening Date Announced

We have so many celebrity chefs coming this year that each one deserves his own BataliWatch-type, er, watch. Since we've been in a Top Chef frame of mind today, we have the first installment of ColicchioWatch '07.

Now that CAA officially began its Century City invasion, locals want to know when the Armani-suited hordes will leave Panda Express and the other mall food court restaurants alone. Tom Colicchio's Craft can't open soon enough. We heard May, April, and the ambiguous "spring," but according to the restaurant's current newsletter, it's March:

Craft Los Angeles
March 2007
Construction is underway at 2000 Avenue of the Stars. The restaurant features an 80-seat terrace overlooking a newly planted pear orchard.
An orchard? An orchard. Bonus points for anyone who sends in the first sneak peeks.
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