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The Penthouse at the Huntley Hotel Revealed

If there's one thing LA has, it's views--the ocean, mountains, city lights, Hollywood sign--and yet, we have few restaurants that really take advantage of these views. Enter The Penthouse, replacing the not-so-notable Toppers on the 18th floor of Santa Monica's Huntley Hotel. It's sexy and chic, awash in white leather, swishy fabrics, pale blues, chocolate browns, metallics, antique chandeliers, and a very subdued beachy theme—all thanks to designer Thomas Schoos. But when it comes right down to it, you'll hardly notice because all eyes will be fixed on the windows where the entire coastline unfolds before you. In the back, it's the city and its twinkling lights. Better still, those windows open.

We're sure the curtained cabana tables will be the hot commodity in the lounge (can we put our name down now?), and there's a large oval bar for everyone else. You can enter through the hotel, but why would you when an outdoor elevator shoots up the western side of the building; kind of like the Mix Lounge elevator in Vegas. Chef Michael Reidt has created a globally inspired menu with fresh California touches, think halibut ceviche and quinoa salad or steak with bacon chimichurri. The restaurant will open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner on February 12. So yes, if you're still unsure where to go for Valentine's Day and need to get laid, this might do the trick.

Lounging areas, all facing the windows

Part of the dining room

The bar