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Dish Special Edition: Sideways Lounge

We just got word that the presto-changeo over at Sterling Steakhouse is officially complete: Sideways Lounge is up and running. Same owners (Chris Breed and crew), same executive chef (Andrew Pastore), just a new look, new menu, new vibe. We're told its "all Hollywood Lounge" with low-slung couches and tables and groovy music. There's a dance floor for when it gets more clubby after 10:30pm, which means you don't have to pretend to eat a steak to gain access at the Cabana Club next door. In fact, there isn't access from Sideways to Cabana at all, which was one reason Sterling had business to begin with. The patio has its own bar and bottle service, but will continue to host wine tasting events on Wednesdays. If you want to check it out, it's only by invite or reservation until February.