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ColicchioWatch '07: Craft Coming in 'M' Month

Bad news for Century City mall food court diners: After we said that Craft will open in March, we're told by the New York PR firm that it's actually "late May." The ambitious Craft newsletter must've been written months ago. So we'll balance precariously on the fence here: Craft will open in some month that begins with 'M.'

Also following that post, one reader offered tips for the genius landscaper:

"A pear orchard? That’s so NYC. If they’d asked, anyone could tell them that there is no way to grow decent pears in this climate. They need way too much chill for dormancy. Mendocino/lake county is about as close as we get. There are a couple of apples that have been bred for this climate, and a few peaches. But really, we’re all about citrus, figs, avocadoes?what a bunch of knuckleheads."
We wondered the same thing, but figured Colicchio has a penchant for pears or some uncontrollable urge to attract partridges. We'll have to wait and see.
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