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Mark and Jay's Excellent Wine Adventure

We have more details on the new Mark Peel project. The chef and owner of Campanile and his manager/wine director Jay Perrin did officially buy the former Oasis space for a wine bar/casual eatery concept, tentatively titled MJ (or not; there's already a bar called MJ's in LA). We dropped a little crumb about this a couple weeks ago, which generated a bit of buzz for the duo: Not only did big media start calling, but so did investors eager to get in on the project. That's OK with Perrin, who tells Eater LA that the venture is 90% there: "We've been talking about another project since I came back to Campanile in 2005. The space was right, the timing was right."

The two envision a place for quality food that's not too expensive, where more people can learn about and enjoy unique, edgy wines. Something Italian, but not exclusively. They hope to attract off-hour chefs and restaurant industry people, something that stays open throughout the day. "We just want a relaxing, fun place that balances out what we do at Campanile." No opening date set yet, but naturally, we'll have more details as they come in.
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