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How the Restaurants Fare for the Holidays

First off, kudos to anyone who braves the crowds on the big restaurant holidays. Anytime we have to fight for a reservation for a prix fixe meal that's only constructed to cram into the masses cramming in the door is as close to hell as we can imagine. Still, people love the excitement of it all, and reports are finally trickling in on Chowhound about the good, the indifferent, and the not-so-traditional NYE romps. Elsewhere, our favorite teenage foodie found flaky Europane croissants more awe-inspiring than the Rose Parade.

On a similar note, one poster had a Christmas Eve Saddle Peak tradition ruined by an apathetic kitchen:

I think this was a result of a poorly executed price fix but a top end place should never make that mistake. On the plus side they did remove the wine from our bill when we inquired of the waitress what she thought of the meal.
We loves us some server guilt.

We'd love to hear your NYE stories, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Reminisce with us.