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Top Chef: Is Betty Still in It?

Just as Top Chef returns with a new episode tonight, Bravo announced renewing the celebuchef contest for a third season. As far as we know, local gal Baddabing Betty is still in the running this season, but as it gets closer to the final four, fans can't decide if she deserves it or not. Some think the Food & Wine article last month was a spoiler, since it featured four chefs: Sam, Elia, Cliff and our gal Betty. Sam took some time off after to the show and toured the country. Over the holidays, we found an interesting tidbit that Ilan once worked at Craft; yes, that Craft, owned by Tom Colicchio, a judge on the show. Does any of this allude to the final outcome of Top Chef? We won't answer that, just pose the question. In the end, if LA Betty doesn't win, at least she has a restaurant to fall back on.
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