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Eater Inside: The Edison

People are talking about The Edison today, so behold: The Edison. Although we don't know exactly when it opened, we know it's in the basement of 1906 Higgins Building, a former power plant. Owner and designer Andrew Meieran, along with business partner Marc Smith, wanted to use as much of the existing decor in the design, right down to the mechanical artifacts, so it has an authentically (not set-designer contrived) industrial look. Rooms have semi-eerie names like The Lab (pictured) and the Generator Lounge (yes, with a real generator as a focal point). One Curbed reader says "there is a space for every party personality type (extrovert, loungy introvert, et al)." The Edison has been open Fridays and Saturdays since early January; the big blowout grand opening is on February 9.

Even more scoop from Curbed LA.