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Intelligentsia: A Coffee That Screams Eastside

Silver Lakers might find newcomer Delilah Bakery's "Come in Bitter?Leave Sweet" tagline a bit antagonistic, but they can discuss at Intelligentsia Coffee, a Chicago import that's opening in the former Coffee Table space at Sunset Junction this spring. The name already seems fitting for the Eastside, but even better, it's everything that Starbuck's probably was many, many years ago: quality coffee, environmentally sound, buys directly from growers, unique. Intelligentsia was Roast Magazine's 2006 Roaster of Year, and plans to open a roasting facility on San Fernando Road are already in place. This means more restaurants (we hear Blair's in Silver Lake is already one of them) can offer the joe on their menus.

UPDATE: Nature of the blog, folks. We had the wrong info about where Intelligentsia is going; it will be located at 3922 Sunset Blvd., right next to the Cheese Store of Silver Lake.

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