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Top Chef 2: Final Thoughts and Hair Tips

We tried to stay away from the topic, but the pull is just too great. After all is said and done tonight, after Ilan or Marcel take the gold (*cough*Ilan*cough*), Top Chef will be nothing but a crumb of memory in our overstuffed brains. Yes, we gossipped. Yes, we spoiled. Yes, someone else spoiled and then tried to cover it up. Ilan had a MySpace page, and now it's blocked. Marcel got hit with a bottle by a drunk girl in Vegas. This is "reality" baby. All the shenanigans will probably boost the ratings, thus creating an American Idol-like frenzy for Top Chef 3 auditions (which, by the way, are next week in LA). Ok...maybe not.

Tonight, we're dining with a real LA top chef, Josiah Citrin, and a special Slow Food/McGrath Farms dinner at Melisse. We'll watch the finale on TiVo, then we'll listen to the winner on CHOW at 10pm. We're sure we'll have thoughts on the subject tomorrow. But we'll leave you with these final words from one of tonight's remaining TC2 contestants, just something to think about while two mediocre chefs go head to head on national TV. Guess who it is:

I’ve been rocking this style for 5-6 years. I just woke up a few minutes ago, and I’m ready to go. I use shampoo and conditioner. Olive oil- when the weather changes, yeah sure, I’ll use a drop.
Hint: It's not tonight's winner.