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Eater Inside Downtown: J Restaurant & Lounge

Because downtown is so hot right now, because we see no signs of it ever letting up, because we think that rocks, a special Eater Inside Downtown series. Sit Back. Relax. Enjoy.

J Restaurant & Lounge opened in the former Little J's space in October, so it should just be hitting its stride by now. The ginormous space has everything any downtown establishment, in any city, should have: Exposed brick walls, which adds a nice historic aesthetic; a huge patio with views of skyscrapers and city lights; an outdoor cigar patio; a nightclub and lounge. Managing partner is Sergio Dovarro; GM and executive chef Ryan McKay hails from L'Orangerie and some notable San Francisco restaurants. The menu is Mediterranean-chic, seasonal, uncomplicated. Bonus points for close proximity to Staples.

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