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Eater's Blind Slice: Leaving the Nest

Occasionally we'll will hear a rumor so toasty, we need to slick a tab of butter on it to help it go down. Then we call it Eater's Blind Slice, and let you chew on it a bit. Got something hot in the oven? You know where to stick it.

What chef passioné is headed to the desert? We hear Cheffie Chef has taken a select kitchen crew out to Palm Springs, looking at possible new ventures, while his original nest sits virutually empty every night. CC found only a modicum of success over the years, so expansion seems an unlikely next step. Maybe he's closing up shop and moving on? Some say the hot headedness and drama--in the kitchen, on the menu--would be too much for the dry desert scene.

Wanna play? Send us your guesses, and we'll post later this week.