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A Call to All Macrobiotics: M Cafe de Chaya Needs You

We saw a Craigslist ad looking for macrobiotic chefs for M Café de Chaya, which made us question what happened to the previous chef de cuisine, Lee Gross. We found out that Gross moved back to New York for "personal considerations," and that pastry chef Eric Lechasseur is off promoting his book "Love, Eric," a cookbook of gourmet macrobiotic desserts. (Gross is still listed on the Web site, and we're told he's still "working closely" with M Café, whatever that means.) So not only does executive chef Shigefumi Tachibe need some help around the kitchen, but he's also looking to expand the concept within and beyond the LA area.
· M Café de Chaya looking for macrobiotic chef [Craigslist]