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Top Chef: Bye Bye Badabing Betty

Oh why oh why did you do soup in champagne flutes, Betty? The fact that your fellow chef contestants didn't steer you from this terrible idea says something, don't it? Well, your gracious exit and gratitude proves that you’re a winner. And hey, kudos on opening up a second restaurant with your business partner and staff. Great exit interview, too. Love her or hate her, the girl is grounded.

We'll miss your spunk, Betty. Then again, now that everyone else is antagonizing Marcel, it's time to go. We'd like to say that our question yesterday was somehow a premonition, but we were just throwing it out there. Maybe we felt it in the wind. It was inevitable. Let us all go to Grub and eat some soup in honor of LA's only "Top Chef" contestant this year. To soup!
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