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EaterWire: Seven Grand Whiskey Bar, Diedrich's Stays for Now, V-Cut Smoke Shop and? Wine Bar?

Here we have another fine dose of EaterWire before the weekend. See something happening in your 'hood? Tell us, we won't bite.

· Cedd Moses' (Golden Gopher, Broadway Bar) next venture with 213 Inc. still isn't open yet. Last we heard, the Seven Grand Whiskey Bar was supposed to open downtown in the historic Brock Jewelry Building in November, but an insider told us that licensing issues are causing delays. Pesky ABC. The concept is a clubby, cool vibe, think lots of mahogany, leather, and whiskey, natch. [EaterWire]

· From a tipster: "I live near The V-Cut Smoke Shop on Melrose Ave and received in the mail last week a notice of their petition for a Beer/Wine license. I can not confirm whether their doing demo work or not... this place is like a cigar smokers outpost in the area..." A quick call to the shop, and we're told that they want to turn it into a wine bar and smoke shop, "somewhere where people can hang out," sometime in the near future. [EaterWire Inbox]

· The last drops of Diedrich's coffee is bittersweet to Malibu denizens before their beloved coffee shop becomes a Starbuck's. We're sure they won't boycott the newcomer; caffeine withdrawl will draw them to the dark side eventually? muhahahhaha. [Here in Malibu]