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Plywood and Shutterwood: Kumo, Vine Street Lounge, and 2007

(1) Kumo: Now that Citrine chef Eric Ernst has found a new home, the former Citrine space will become this upscale Japanese concept in March, overseen by former SBE beauty Daniela Danilovic. If her SBE connections aren't enough, her new boss is Michael Ovitz. [LA.comfidential]

(2) Mega-Plywood: Just in case you missed it, during the holidays we offered up a steaming platter of Mega Plywood to gorge on—all the fun and fancy openings coming in 2007: celebrity chefs, trendsters, and just about everyone else. Diet now, there's much eating to do in the future. [Eater LA]

(3) Shuttered: Vine Street Lounge: The new and improved club re-opened just a few short months ago after some swank renovations, but it closed after a New Year's Eve final blowout. [Calendar Live]