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More Burger Busts: Hamburger Hamlet Hollywood Closed, Downey Diner Demolished

In more burger news, a reader writes in that Hamburger Hamlet on Hollywood closed, as reported on KCAL last night. The original Hamburger Hamlet opened in 1950 on the Sunset Strip and quickly became a star-filled joint. The owners took the concept nationwide, and opened more than 30 locations, but in 1995, they filed for bankruptcy and closed 12 stores. The Hollywood location was one of the oldest; it served its last burger at 5pm yesterday. We called the original Sunset location, and a server said the staff got three days notice about the closure, but many will be placed at other locations (there are five around LA). Another H&M will take over the space.

KCAL also reports that a landmark diner was "mysteriously demolished" in Downey.

Someone's going to have some explaining to do following the partial demolition of what used to be a 1950s-era car-hop diner. Often used as a movie location, the diner began as Harvey's Broiler in 1958 and became Johnie's Broiler in 1966 after an ownership change. Most of the inside of the restaurant has been gutted, with only the large Johnie's Broiler sign and the canopy remaining.
Historical preservation? Pfft...who needs it?
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