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Hard Rock Café Ain't Rockin' No More

If loud music and bad burgers were a part of your Beverly Center shopping ritual, well you're SOL: The Hard Rock Café is kaput. How can a behemoth of a restaurant close so quietly? Well, it did, on December 31. We called the Beverly Center marketing geniouses to find out why, and either they don't know or they don't want to talk about it. But it was confirmed that yes, the Hard Rock is closed, something else is in the works for that space, but no, we don't know what. As to why, calls were also placed to Hard Rock corporate headquarters, but we're yet to hear back. Maybe it's the Center's new image, maybe the restaurant was just too damn far for the new owners. Maybe the Hard Rock concept is just too stuck in the 80's, and not in the cool retro way (more like leg warmers than, say, skinny jeans). More info forthcoming.
· British firm to sell Hard Rock to Seminoles [LA Times]