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Eater Hospice: NYC Chef Arrives to Resuscitate the Ailing Red Pearl Kitchen

We weren't the only ones who noticed that Red Pearl Kitchen gasping for breath. Offering $20 off any meal at the restaurant or for take-out, empty dining room on a Friday night, raw chicken dumplings...yeah, it was a cry for help. So the Goodells announce today that they named Tyson Ophaso from NYC's Chinatown Brasserie corporate exec chef of the Domain Restaurant Group, which includes the ailing Red Pearl Kitchen. Our NYC cohorts say Ophaso is a seasoned chef and did the non-dim sum portion of the Brasserie's menu as well as an "underrated stint" at Lotus. The press release says his "urban street fare" garnered praise from the NYC media. The menu looks exhaustive, but definitely more encouraging than before. Some friends said they were in on Friday for drinks, and the place wasn't empty. Keep the machines hooked up: We hear a faint pulse.
· Eater Deathwatch: Red Pearl Kitchen [~ELA~]

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