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The Dish: Musha Reopened, Happy Ending Starts

SANTA MONICA: By all accounts, it looks like Musha is back in business. A hound and a small party spent little money on lots of food and even more sake. "Ventilation" problems or no, there are some happy izakaya fans out there right about now. [424 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica, 310.576.6330]

HOLLYWOOD: If the Happy Ending looked sad on Tuesday, it raged by the weekend. The "global bar food" restaurant and bar with frat-boy cocktails has debuted. From a reader: "The restaurant/bar Just had a soft open last night [Saturday]. Not packed, but a good, rowdy crowd. Fun menu. I had a good time, even solo. But don't drive there. Cause it looked like the peoplez wuz drinkin'. Or already drunk. Anyway, good times. Check it out. Could be fun. Loved the ahi tempura fish and wasabi chips." [7038 Sunset Blvd, Hollywood, 323.469.7038]

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