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Hangover Observations: Red Hot @ Red Seven

Honestly, we might still be hungover from Friday and Saturday night. Here then, our Hangover Observations from the night that was.

Red Hot @ Red Seven was a new element to this year's American Wine & Food Fest. The event took place at Puck's new Red Seven restaurant at the Pacific Design Center on Friday, featuring meat and lots of it. For those who got there at 7pm anyway, which we didn't. Food from Craft, Cut and Sidebar, Katana, Lawry's, LaBrea Bakery, NYC's Shake Shack and SW Steakhouse from the Wynn in Las Vegas. Cigars. Patron. Overtaken by hunger, we forgot to take pictures.

1) Never follow people blindly into an unneccessary elevator where you'll be forced to explain exactly what they're going to since they have no idea. "Is that guy from Top Chef going to be here?"

2) First table out of food: Craft, before 8:30pm. Event started at 7pm. No Colicchio in sight.

3) Six tables + 600 people = people circling two or three times ensuring those who get there at 8:30pm don't get a thing to eat. Thank god for Shake Shack's burgers, the last table standing. Heard SW Steakhouse's shortribs were the hit of the night.

4) Floyd Cardoz from NYC's Tabla extremely personable. While in town, went to Cut, Mozza and said he can't leave LA without visiting Versailles at least once. "Have to get the oxtail."

5) Barbara Lazaroff loves the cameras. Everywhere you turn, it's her and flashbulbs.

6) Wolfgang forever the consummate host. Had Red Seven dish up sushi after all the other restaurants ran out of food and/or packed up.

7) Celebs who wait in line: James Van Der Beek. Celebs who don't: Allison Janney.

8) Osteria Mozza the perfect after-party spot, especially after a party where you only had a quarter of a burger to eat and a tequila martini. Place still hopping after 11pm.

9) Expect to see chefs there: Sang Yoon shows up after the JBF Michel Richard dinner at Providence. Says new Father's Office will open "sometime." Still adamant that the no reservation thing will work in the twice-as-big Culver City spot. "Then it wouldn't be a gastropub." Struck random strangers at the bar as "arrogant."

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