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The Swirling Point: Pinkberry Shutter Rumor Control

Foodette at Restaurant Review World just queried: "I heard a rumor that the Pinkberry that just opened in Barrington Ct (Brentwood) is closing already! Could it be true?" Well, we did say the Swirling Point, the Great Melt, was nigh, but we still get Pinkberry Groupie emails telling us another one has taken root in some strip mall somewhere. So we can see it, just don't believe it. We did what any self-respecting froyo-watch blogger would do: We called the Brentwood Pinkberry.

EATER: Hi, um, is that Pinkberry closing?
SWIRLER: Closing? No. We're open.
EATER: You just opened, right?
SWIRLER: Yeah, this summer.
EATER: So, you're still open, still swirling, not closing any time soon.
SWIRLER: Yep. Still swirling.

Whether that's true or not is yet to be seen. This could've been an eight-dollar-an-hour swirling kid who wouldn't know if his shoes were tied. Or it could've been the owner thinking he gets the craziest phone calls. Juice/smoothie shops are on their way out, nudged by Pinkberry and similar frozen treat shops. No doubt Pinkberry will eventually take the same route.
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