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Robata Bar's Opening Night Crowd Surprises One

Sushi Roku's new Robata Bar opened last night, and ZagatBuzz was there:

What Cardenas was amazed by was how jammed his restaurant was last night – on a Tuesday night, the first night it was open. Without any publicity, just word of mouth. And on top of that, on the other side of town legions of trendies were descending upon the not-yet-open Hollywood branch of the Philippe Starck-designed Katsuya for a preview evening of free drinks and sushi. Yet Robata Bar was packed.
Cardenas knows there was publicity, because he pays the publicists. But so shocked, Zagat? Not only was there buzz here and here, but we announced its opening night last week, then Daily Candy hit on Monday, and UrbanDaddy the day it opened. It might not be Zagat, but um, that's some serious publicity. Was that rock you crawled from under heavy?
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Image via UrbanDaddy

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