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Eater StarWatch: Michelle Rodriguez at Dominick's, Natalie Portman at M Cafe, Becks at Solley's and MORE

We usually bring StarWatch to you on Thursdays, but our StarWatch helper is out of town. See a celeb "discover" your secret spot? Out them here.


DOMINICK'S: On Monday, we saw Michelle Rodriguez dining alone on Monday night. Actually, she was drinking a glass of red wine, smoking cigarettes and reading a book alone. She looked great—very pretty in person. We're told she's there all the time. Well, maybe up until December 24, when she's off to jail. [StarWatch]

PIZZERIA MOZZA: A reader spotted Cindy Crawford at in for an early dinner last Friday night. "She showed up with her 2 kids, sans makeup, and was promptly seated at a table. Her husband (Rande Gerber) joined them 20 minutes later." And we're sure they all looked amazing eating squash blossoms and margherita pizza. [StarWatch Inbox]

A.O.C.: See, they have to wait in line just like us? "I'm not quite sure this qualifies because I can't think of what he's done since that pie phenomenon, but Jason Biggs was eating at AOC Saturday night... Waiting and eating. He and his posse had to wait a good 30 minutes before they were seated. That's why I love AOC.... No special treatment for people who think they're stars." [StarWatch Inbox]

M CAFÉ DE CHAYA: On of our Curbed siblings spotted a very beautiful Natalie Portman giggling with her boyfriend at a the macrobiotic spot last week. Then there was a little mini-reununion with Portman and her co-star Jason Schwartzman. at the valet. Our sibling gives us the sighting; her friend tells Defamer. [StarWatch Inbox; Defamer]

DAN TANA'S: Grey's Dr. McSteamy, the steamy Eric Dane in real life, was leaving the Italian spot, while Ryan Phillippe dined with friends inside, as did Ron Jeremy, who's always on the damn phone. [Defamer]

SOLLEY'S DELI: David Beckham and the kids (soccer garb, natch) were spotted last Saturday. There were body guards with earpieces and the group was escorted to a more private spot in the back. Really? You can't just eat pastrami like normal people? [Defamer]

CAFÉ DU VILLAGE: Another tipster spotted Josh Randall (he was Ed's best friend in Ed, and recently on Scrubs) eating at this Larchmont Village café by himself. "Looked like he had just finished shopping at the farmer's market on Larchmont." [StarWatch Inbox]

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