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Eater To Do: LA Mag's Food Event, San Antonio Winery's 90th Anniversary, Santa Barbara Harvest Fest

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Last week it was all about eating, this week it's all about drinking. Wine festivalas, wine tastings, wine and food, and probably lots of spilled wine. Winery pic from Floyd B. Bariscale/Flickr.

THE FOOD EVENT: HOME GROWN: Los Angeles Magazine fetes it's November food issue on Sunday with a "go green" theme. Kerry Simon, Michael Cimarusti, Suzanne Tracht, Jason Travi, Mirko Poderno and more will be on hand with tasty treats. Tickets are only $40 and proceeds go the Los Angeles Mission. We're all for supporting a good cause, but know us by now: The real reason we're going is to see Season 2 and 3 Top Cheftestants Chris "CJ" Jacobson and Betty "Badabing Betty" Fraser throw down at 3:30pm. Get tickets here. [Sunday, Oct 14, 2pm-5pm; 6370 West Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, 323.993.7211]

SAN ANTONIO WINERY 90TH ANNIVERSARY: Also on Sunday, LA's oldest and only existing winery celebrates its long history with the city and another harvest. The entire Riboli family will be there, plus Italian foodstuff like meatballs, antipasti, baked ziti, cannoli, and Mexican food (because it's part of the history, too). Tickets are $65 and must be purchased in advance. [Sunday, Oct 14, 1pm-5pm; 737 Lamar St., 323.223.1401 ext. 8771]

SANTA BARBARA HARVEST FEST: Up in SB wine country, vintners celebrate the harvest with a big shindig this weekend. The main event is Saturday, but throughout the weekend all the wineries—even some that aren't usually open to the public—have food, live music, special library tastings etc. So while everyone else is at Rancho Siquoc for the festival, there isn't as much traffic at the wineries, and a lot more on offer than usual. If you're up there, you can swirl and sniff with us at Melville, Babcock, Andrew Murray, and Beckman among others. [Main Event, Saturday Oct 13; wineries open all weekend]

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