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Paparazzi vs. Mozza: Rosoff Down!

TMZ isn't usually our go-to spot for restaurant gossip, so this incident at Mozza was buried from us. Naturally, someone sent us the link. The other night, Scarlett Johanson tried to leave the Mozzas via the back door and paparazzi were waiting. While security gaurds stood around, you could hear GM David Rosoff's voice saying, "Get off the property. Off the property." And then, in frame, he gets all up in some paps face telling him to get the eff off the property and BAM! Rosoff's down. The pap threw him to the ground.

WTF? Why is that OK? Why is it not OK, according to the paparazzo, for Rosoff to touch him, which comparatively looked like a gentle push (but shouldn't have happened anyway), but it's OK to aggressively shove another human being to the ground? We just don't get it. We asked Rosoff what the hell happened, he simply said, "Gotta protect the house." But then added: "He was enormous, I was stupid." Well, yeah, but that pap is an idiot, too.
· Security Gets Smackdown Thanks to Scarlett [TMZ]

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