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Plywood Special: Scooter Returns With The Waffle, Replacing The Well?

A little mini Plywood for today. See some paper, some Plywood, someone trying to cover their plans? Get it off your chest here.

HOLLYWOOD: We heard a rumor that Scooter Kanfer Cartmill was back on the scene, and 'tis true. Straight from the chef's mouth: "I am doing a really exciting new project called The Waffle with two Hollywood heavyweights. It's an UPSCALE 24 diner concept with (wait for it) a full bar. We are hoping to have a soft opening in December." People still talk about Scooter's defunct House restaurant, but we last caught up with her at Il Grano, where she did some consulting after leaving the ultra short-lived Naya in Pasadena (still pisses us off that that place couldn't make it). This was all well and good until we realized The Waffle will be at 6255 Sunset Boulevard, the current location of The Well.*** Is the Waffle replacing The Well? Craig Trager and the Vintage Bar Group the "heavyweights"? Well, well, No on both counts.

***UPDATE: A helpful commenter explained that ALL TENANTS at that building on the corner of Sunset and Argyle have the 6255 Sunset Boulevard address. So we mispoke with that 'replacing The Well' theory. The Waffle House is not replacing The Well, but it is going into that building.
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Photo via Metromix