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Betty Trumps CJ in Top Chef Throwdown

Experience LA/Flickr

We're sad to have missed it, but at this weekend's Los Angeles magazine Home Grown Food Event, Grub's Betty Fraser (Top Chef season 2 contestant) beat Chris "CJ" Jacobson (season 3) at a cooking showdown. From the pictures sent to us by Experience LA's Curtis and Karen, it looked contentious. OK, maybe more "let's get this over with" than contentious, but TC fans apparently, er, ate it up. According to Karen: "The challenge was to combine ingredients and cooking styles from 2 different countries to make one dish. They could use any of the ingredients that were provided in the pantry. Betty’s countries/cultures were American and Latin, CJ’s were Asian and Italian. The challenge was 30 minutes long. Betty’s plating was very rustic and homey looking, CJ’s was much more refined (different styles, different looks)." The host broke the tie and selected Betty's scallop turnovers over CJ's chicken dish. Dude just can't catch a break. Sidenote: Michael Cimarusti (in the background) looked humored by the whole TV chefs-cooking thing.
· Los Angeles Magazine: 2007 Food Event at The Kitchen Academy in Hollywood [Experience LA/Flickr]

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