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EaterWire: Avenue's Replacement, Changes at Kumo, Hadaka's Vultures

Got some news, some goss, some random thoughts to share? Lay it on us.

MANHATTAN BEACH: Official word is trickling in about Avenue's replacement on Manhattan Avenue. Chef Darren Weiss plans to open Darren's Restaurant and Bar in early December. Darren's slightly upscale (it is a beach community, after all), with small plates at the bar, daily happy hours, specialty cocktails, the works. The dining room will be more fine dining, with we suspect a seasonal menu. Remodeling is underway. [EaterWire Inbox]

WEST HOLLYWOOD: An industry insider heard potential buyers have expressed interest in Deathwatchee Hadaka Sushi. We're not saying Hadaka is officially on the market, but the vultures are circling. [EaterWire]

WEST HOLLYWOOD: We felt slighted when Daniela Danilovic stopped returning our emails and calls about Kumo. She's been so helpful with getting us info about the restaurant before and when it opened, and answered our queries with urgency. Now we know it's not us: Danilovic is no longer involved with the Kumo operation. It's surprising because she was the voice and face for Kumo since we heard about it January, although the last time we spoke, she wouldn't label herself a manager or partner, but said she's "developing the brand." Not sure if this was an amicable split, but we suppose owner Michael Ovitz is used to drama by now. With early staff changes, the dining room not at capacity, and Comme Ca about to open across the street, looks like a bumpy start for Kumo. [EaterWire]