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The Shutter: Burger Continental Fire

PASADENA: A fire closed Burger Continental on Lake Avenue last Friday. On the KCAL report, the owner hoped to reopen in a few days, but a Hound says a few weeks. The restaurant opened in 1963, and we wouldn't be surprised if that hood where the fire started hasn't been replaced since. Plenty of Cal Tech students and locals will lament the loss. Us? We never got the appeal.

**The Chowhound link that we refer to here works, but those crazy moderators decided to remove the topic. We have no idea why, but the poster asked for people's favorite good or bad memories of Burger Continental. For those who need a shoulder to cry on, please, feel free to comment below.
· Fire Damages Popular Pasadena Restaurant [KCAL9]
· Burger Continental closed indefinately due to fire [Chowhound]

Photo by mwehmeier, Flickr