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Eater StarWatch: Directors Night at Magnolia, Schwimmer at Table 8, Hilary Swank, Clint Eastwood and MORE

Ah, the weekly StarWatch, our ode to the celebrities who eat and meet at tables we couldn't reserve. Remember: Watching is always allowed, just don't get in the way of the pesky paparazzi. They're so aggressive! Do let us know who you see out and about for next week.


MAGNOLIA: While minding our own business lunch at the Hollywood restaurant we had a double director sighting: Joel Schumacher and Catherine Hardwicke (not together). [StarWatch]

TABLE 8: David Schwimmer left the Friends-zone of Il Sole to get cozy with a lady at the Melrose spot on Monday. Also in the house was Jerry Ferrara of Entourage. They're probably going there because nobody else is. [StarWatch Inbox]

OSTERIA MOZZA: Regulars Hilary Swank and boyfriend John Campisi might have made diners queasy with their over-the-top cuteness: "He walked her to the bathroom and waited for her to come back before walking her back to their table." [People]

DAN TANA'S: Our B-list night from last week climbed to a solid A last Friday with Brian Grazer and Clint Eastwood eating together, and producer Dick Wolf across the way. Unfortunately, Rick and Kathy Hilton brought the night's overall rating back down to a B. [Defamer]

COFFEE TABLE: Silver Lake residents Jason Lee, his fiance Beth Riesgraf and the perplexingly-named Pilot Inspektor Riesgraf Lee were spotted having breakfast. [Defamer]

APPLE PAN: John C. Reilly devoured a burger at the West LA counter. For your health! [Defamer]

CRUMBS: In Beverly Hills, Rose McGowan scooped up coconut, pina colada, caramel apple and vanilla cupcakes. [People]

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