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BREAKING Shutter/Plywood Mashup: Border Girls Taking a The Dive

We got ourselves a hot, or shall we say caliente, tip. We heard that Susan Feniger is taking over The Dive on Highland Avenue. What on earth would she do with that location? A Dive staffer told us "the Border Grill bought the place." We don't officially know if Feniger and Mary Sue Milliken plan on opening another Border Grill or similar concept, and Feniger simply told us: "I’ve got a little something brewing and will be ready to talk about it in a few months." Either way, it's a good building with a great patio, and it's not far from the Highland-Mozza corner. A Border Grill-Ciduad-esque spot couldn't hurt. Leslie and Rich Brenner (no relation to LAT Leslie Brenner) gave the funky Highland Grounds a makeover and reopened it as The Dive just this year. Either the Dive dove, or an offer they coulnd't refuse came along. The Dive will shutter in late November.
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