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EaterWire: SweetCake Loses Its Founder, SoHo House Updates, Dar Maghreb, Mojitos and MORE

We have all the Wire that's fit to print, but there's always room for more. That's where you come in: The tipline is always open for business.

HOLLYWOOD: For those in the wedding/event cake know, SweetCake had a good little thing going. Darby Aldaco, a former graphic artist-turned-pastry chef, made whimsical cakes and delicious little desserts. The company closed it's Hollywood bakery location and planned to open a larger bakery and retail shop sometime this summer. But somehow this lawerly looking document sent to all of SweetCakes purveyors and clients just landed in our lap: "Please be advised that Darby Aldaco is no longer an authorized agent or representative of SweetCake, LLC and no longer authorized to conduct business, take orders, or enter into contracts on behalf of the company." Aldaco was the founder of SweetCake. No word yet on what this means for the planned expansion. [EaterWire Inbox]

WEST HOLLYWOOD: News is starting to trickle in about the SoHo House taking over Mortons after it closes at the end of the year. A tipster shares that "plans include adding a 2nd floor and doing a VERY extensive remodel for the private club concept." Oooh. Bigger. We're still waiting to hear if the Vanity Fair Oscar party will continue in that location or not. Anyone with the deets on that, do let us know. [EaterWire Inbox]

WEST HOLLYWOOD: We like knowing important people in high places, or at least those who have time for planning meetings: "Was at Weho real estate meeting this morning and verified that the Boa deal at the Luckman building is done." We kind of already knew that, seeing all the official documents are out there, permits been applied for, and we got verification from Boa's parent company. But what will happen to the restaurant space at the Grafton on Sunset, that we'd love to know. [EaterWire Inbox]

HOLLYWOOD: A tasty little rumor, but we don't have much to go on: "Dar Maghreb on Stanley and Sunset is being sold, but I don't know if the concept will remain the same or morph into something else." Oh not the belly dancers and the pillows! Again, we're all ears if you know something we don't. [EaterWire Inbox]

PASADENA: Carmen Casteneda contacted us to say that the transformation of Xiomara to her new Mojitos is complete. We drove by not too long ago and noticed a much more contemporary room---those horrible 90's mirrors were gone---but were driving too fast to see much else. The fresh sugar cane mojitos apparently stay. Casteneda gave us the full rundown in March. [EaterWire Inbox]

THE UNITED ARAB EMIRATES (Sure, why not): Born on La Cienega in Los Angeles in 1952, Fatburger will open three locations in Dubai in 2008. Lovie Yancey could not possibly have dreamed her hamburgers would be in the Middle East one day. [LABJ]