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Eater Inside: Hidden

Alen Lin, 10/1/07

Here we have Hidden, the new Japanese-Italian-tapas-Vietnamese-Latin spot in Santa Monica, a place with as many rooms as cuisines, as many consulting chefs as rooms, and a decor to go with all. Backed by rocker Warren Cuccurullo (we will not get into specifics here, but he was in Duran Duran among others) and Via Veneto's Fabrizio Bianconi, it's not surprise that the Italian menu has been a hit so far. There are rules: Only sushi at the sushi bar, but you can get sushi along with the full menu anywhere else, and on an early visit, one guy had to buy a pair of shoes to be let in. Hidden's secrets? Please find more in the Plywood aisle.

'La Piazzetta' or lower patio dining area

'Il Poggiolo' or upper deck/ lounge area. Dining or drinking, take your pick. We're told the benches are "ridiculously comfortable."

Outdoor bar

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