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Eater EXCLUSIVE Preview: Top Chef Finale

You didn't think you could squeak by without some Top Chef rambling this week, did you? It's the finale people. The end is near. In fact, it's tomorrow and 'tis a doozy. Thanks to the kind folks at Bravo, Eater LA has this EXCLUSIVE clip of the finale. We admit, we watched it a few times to look for signs of the outcome, and we've got nothing. Damn them. But here's what we have: Casey, Hung and Dale get into the kitchen and start prepping for their final competition, the last supper, the one that takes it all. But if it really is the final meal, where are all the sous chefs?

In previous teasers we're told there's a "big twist" this season, other than the live winner announcement, and we see the final three act shocked at something...OK, so we'll bite. Will this season's losing chefs return to help the final three, as in previous seasons? Casey says "no sous chefs today," but will they be there tomorrow? Or will the final chefs finally get to showcase their skills and theirs alone to win the damn thing? In our last interview with CJ, he was vague on whether we'd see him on the show again: "I hope so" was his answer. What if the past cheftestants turn up to judge. Also, why doesn't Dale say anything in this clip? And we won't comment on what Hung's portable stoves foreshadow. Oooo...this is getting good.
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