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DrinkWire Jeopardy Edition: The Spotlight Closing? What's Opening Next to El Chavo?

For this round of the Wire, two things: Number one, we're going with a drink-only theme. Number two, we're playing our form of Jeopardy where we hope to get answers to these questions in the form of questions. Do play along.

HOLLYWOOD: Opened since 1963, could the storied dive/gay/sports bar The Spotlight be closing? A reader queries: "I heard from a friend that the Don the owner of The Spotlight on Cahuenga has sold the place. Wouldn't surprise me b/c he's older and he's earned a well deserved well paid retirement. But it would be a shame to see another great vintage place go away just for the sake of bring more B&T (bridge and tunnel) into the already crowded Cahuenga Corridor. Know anything?" We do not, but surely someone out there does. Lay it on us. [EaterWire Inbox]

LOS FELIZ: We've got nothing on this, but we're sure some Eastside Eater/Drinkers know the answer: "I was walking down Sunset between Tiki Ti and Rudy's and noticed that a bar of some sort is being built next to El Chavo. Any word on its name and expected opening date? They have cut a space in the wall for a window and you could see some interesting chandeliers and a long bar. Thanks and go Red Sox!" Go Red Sox, indeed. [EaterWire Inbox]