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Eater Obvservations: Good for the Urth

Here we have Eater Observations, little gems that we or you, dear readers, come across in this fabulous town we call home. Care to share? Right this way, please.


Driving by the Urth Caffe on Melrose last Thursday, a reader sends the above snap and some thoughts: "With all the construction going on there, I assume that this monstrosity belongs to one of the owners. I thought it was deathly humorous how they claim they are all about the environment, and coffee grown under decent circumstances and processed by people who are well cared for, yet drive one of the biggest, most gas-guzzling and just ever-so-wonderful-for-the-environment SUV monstrosities available to the buying public. Plus, cannot even park properly." Urth's sustainability is one thing; image is everything else.