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Eater Inside: The Happy Ending

Alen Lin, 10/15/07

The name makes us simultaneously giggle and roll our eyes, but today we look inside Hollywood's new Happy Ending Bar and Restaurant because the World Series starts on Wednesday, and we aren't crazy enough to watch the Red Sox clobber the Rockies at Sonny McLean's. As you can see, there are numerous TVs throughout the former Acapulco restaurant, all the better to watch ballgames of every ilk. Other than that, the space doesn't look much different from a chain Mexican restaurant, except maybe the tin signs randomly nailed to the walls. It is quite large, though, with plenty of bar and booth seating. We're told it's very laid-back, kind of "like a frat house," with a few arcade games to keep the bored busy. We haven't yet decided if Footloose on the MySpace page is a pro or con. Chef and all-around cheery guy Matthew Gladstone prepares a huge "global gourmet comfort food" menu, everything form kobe sliders and turkey andouille sausage corn dogs to spaghetti and meatballs and whole grilled Maine lobster. Gladstone got high marks for his burger at The Dime, so there's that. Drinks lean toward the frat-house side (fishbowl size, cheeky names), and happy hour includes a Wheel-of-Fortune-type wheel with specials. Some Ply here and more from Thrillist.