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TablePronto Update: Expect Less Available Reservations, More Empty Tables

After our posting last week, TablePronto founder Antoine Powell responds to questions about this new "reservation service" he just launched in LA. We asked who gets the money, he said the seller "minus 10% for TablePronto." But ELA readers bring up a good point: What happens if people start reserving tables all over town only to turn around and sell on TablePronto for a quick buck. Powell has the answers:

Here’s how we mitigate against the people abusing the service.
-We are limiting the number of sellers in each city.
-There is a limit to how may reservations that can be sold per restaurant per day (3 at most).
-We monitor sells of reservations taking note if frequent sells for potential inappropriate selling practices.
-Only 2 and 4 tops will be allowed for sale.
These answers only beg more questions, which we already sent to Powell. We'll keep pulling back the veil until we're satisfied that this 'service' won't leave the books full and restaurants empty all over town. More to come.
· TablePronto Reservation Service: Scalpers hit LA [~ELA~]

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