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The Dish: Amarone Kitchen + Wine

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The 49-seater Amarone Kitchen + Wine opened earlier this month, a casual spot from first-time LA restaurateur Alessandro Polastri. The menu features rustic dishes (family recipes, even) from Emilia/Romagna, and the wine list goes upward to 140 labels. The chef is the owner's childhood friend from Italy, but took a spin through Eurochow here in LA and La Luna in Las Vegas. An early reader report found the service "still ironing out some issues," but the food was quite good: "Pastas were amazing. The pomodoro sauce was one of the best that I have had in town." That's a lot to say for a couple of newcomers, but it might be fitting considering the neighborhood. It's a good alternative for locals who don't want to fight Friends for a table at Il Sole just a few blocks away. We had some early Ply here and here, and a Thrillist look here.

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