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Introducing Eater LA's New Comments System

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Along with our compadres at Curbed LA, we're introducing a new comments system today. Here are the highlights:

· You can now register for a commenter account, which gives you a unique screenname, plus the ability to upload an avatar that will appear alongside all your comments. You need to enter a working email address because we're going to send you an email to activate your account; the email address you supply will never be used for any purpose other than account activation or password retrieval.
· Comments from registered commenters are shown in blue, while those comments from the generic guest login fade to gray.
· Registered commenters each get a profile page, plus the ability to follow favorite commenters and—oh yes—the power to ignore those you dislike. The comments of people you're following appear in green, while those of people you're ignoring fade to an even lighter gray.
· The same commenter login works across all Curbed Network sites, including Curbed LA, so you only need to register once.

If you encounter any bugs, or want to share feedback about the new system, email Now let's make some magic.

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