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Eater Inside: Mojitos

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Alen Lin, 10/24/07

If you never went to Xiomara in its 15 years in Old Town Pasadena, this picture won't shock you as much it does us. Phil and Carmen Casteneda took over the original Xiomara in March, closed late this summer for renovations, and just reopened as Mojitos. The room was completely updated, and even in its simplicity it's an improvement. The menu shows more Latin influences than just Cuban, and the drinks are heavy on fruit juices. Still present: The fresh sugar-cane mojitos that everyone loved at Xiomara. If the chef pulls off all the flavors, it will be a welcome addition to the neighborhood---and might even renew our faith in the Old Town dining scene.

The bar anchors one side of the dining room

The back room and atrium are much brighter. Word is they will have live entertainment back there soon.

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